How to Overcome the Fear of Phone Selling

The end goal of any sale is to make the sale, right? Of course it is, but how you go from initiating contact to closing the sale is where the art and science of selling comes into play. Let’s focus on phone sales.

First of all let’s debunk a myth: cold calling is not dead, just re-tooled. Since we’re living in the Information Age and Google, search engines have changed the game in terms of how consumers (both individuals and businesses) interact with marketing and sales. Oh yeah, let’s not forget to mention that the government is watching to ensure consumers aren’t called when they don’t want to be with the enactment of the National Do Not Call Registry. However, don’t assume for one second that the phone is dead as a communication medium for conducting business. Most people desire to interact with another person prior to purchase. Don’t get me wrong; websites, email, text, and print mediums are significantly relevant for conducting business today. But, when it comes to the phone, it is the undisputed champion in terms of initiating (or even maintaining) contact with a prospect or client.

Best Method for Overcoming Fear of Phone Selling
Although Nike said it best with their slogan of “Just Do It”, I would offer that there’s a step before just picking up the phone and dialing away. You must have a goal for the call. The best way to squash anxiety and kick fear in the gut when selling over the phone, you need to have a purpose for the call. Remember, selling is both an art and science and follows a very logical pattern. Here are some common goals for a call: (1) Introduction with no goal of making a sale; (2) Obtain an appointment either in person or via another phone call; (3) Talk to the Decision Maker or find out who the Decision Maker is; or to (4) Ask for the Sale.

When you have a clear and direct purpose for making the call, then telesales actually becomes fun. As you build up your stamina through repetition, you’ll express confidence over the phone that your prospect or client gravitates towards and soon you’ll begin to see the fruits of your labor in closed sales.

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